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Gemma Amendola

Gemma was born in Saudi Arabia, went to high school in Switzerland, and then got her BA in Art Teaching at Western Michigan University.  She received her MA in Illustration Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  She was an Italian citizen until September of 2013 when she got her American citizenship. She worked at the Anglo-American School in Moscow, Russia, for 2 years, then  worked in Linden, Michigan, as an art teacher at the elementary school, the high school and as a graphic design teacher at the Art Institute. After 13 years in Michigan, Gemma moved to Waterville, Washington, where she worked as an art teacher for 3 years. In 2018, Gemma arrived in Harrisonburg where she currently teaches art at Waterman Elementary.  Gemma has been actively involved in promoting the arts and helping the community in a variety of ways.  She enjoys working in a variety of mediums and learning new techniques.  She loves to travel, learn about new cultures, and try new foods! Gemma loves innovation and inspiring those around her.   

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