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Lodema Miller

I love the process of creating and expressing what I see, feel, and know through oil painting. My paintings are about responding to my experience living life, a story telling exercise and very personal. The vocabulary of the painting elements is irresistible; I use color and strong linear compositions to express my deep emotions, 

repetition to imply the rhythm of life, and diagonals to convey life’s inherent instability and the omnipresence of change. I use light and shadow to articulate the positive and negative nature of transitions through life. I paint places and subjects that I respond to emotionally because I am, like all of us, coping with the human condition, and I have experienced many of the sorrows common to women. My story is one that is deeply grounded in detours along pathways that include quantities of loss and grief; nevertheless, my painting reflects eternal optimism employing organic shapes and natural subjects, often plants, to help me see new growth in life. 

All these devices are secondary to my goal of creating meaningful works of beauty that shares the strength and character of who I am.

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