Molly Whitmore

Molly Whitmore says she has been imaginative and creative since she was a little girl. She was the child who observed intricate details: the finest line, subtlest shading, tiniest spot. Color, texture, smell – each is important, although busy lives may lead to forgetting that. Molly advises stopping, observing, and just being. She says her own mind is most at peace when she is creating.

Molly grew up on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley with her parents and three older siblings. She attended Eastern Mennonite High School, class of 2003. In school, Molly enjoyed stained glass, but fell in love with nature photography and art in general. She particularly loved pencil sketching and abstract doodling. She is self-taught as a photographer and, since her high school classes, feels that art comes naturally to her.

Molly’s other interests are spending time in nature (hiking, kayaking, photographing), home life (spending time with her partner Brad, her three beautiful “kiddos,” cooking, home decorating), animals (especially horses, dogs, and baby pigs), and humor. She listens to “upbeat poppy music,” sings, and spends time in mediation and prayer.

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