Rebecca Grow

Rebecca Grow is inspired by the shapes, colors, light and shadows of nature. At times the natural world seems whimsical to her, at other times grand and complicated. In either case, she says, it “stops my heart with its beauty, peace, and fury.” Working with her hands and with paint, she makes fine art that is functional and meant to be touched and handled. Bringing these qualities together to give new life to an old wooden box is the perfect culmination of Rebecca’s process.

Each “Artful Box” is created with a watercolor painting on archival paper that is then mounted on a reclaimed wooden box. Many of the paintings and boxes are enhanced with carved wood, molded paper or clay for a 3D effect.

Rebecca’s training and career were in the theater arts as an actress and director. Educated at Purdue University and Goodman School of Drama in Chicago, she has acted and directed both on Broadway and Off. Later, watercolor captured her imagination with its unpredictable nature and luminous qualities. Through that medium, Rebecca Grow brings the magic of the stage to her boxes with a seamlessness experienced from all sides.

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