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Eve Watters

I work a mixed-media life, in both performing and visual arts. A community college design course got me into the graphics and calligraphy work that sustained me as a single mom. I've been on the road a fair bit since, with harp and multi-instrumental song/story programs around the country, and with the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Program for the past 18 years. A Certified Music Practitioner since 2002, I also deliver soothing bedside music for wellness, particularly as UVA hospital’s original Musician-in-Residence. 

The artwork I love had to wait, until it burst out surprisingly a few years 

ago. Impossible to ignore that voice from the heart! I had to start all over 

again, working with ink, collage, paint, clay, cut paper, found poetry, fiber and more. 

It all springs from my sacred daily early morning art sessions. I love to 

play with line and word, texture and color to form arresting images that 

speak to our truest selves and inspire and uplift- for works that feed the 


 It's been seen internationally, in numerous publications such as Somerset Apprentice, Take Ten, Somerset Studio, and the premier edition of The Coloring Studio. The Muses (and the Oasis community) have been kind! 

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