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Mike Reisenberg

I was born in Cincinnati Ohio in 1946. Animals were my number one interest. I captured, and then read about every kind of animal I could find. Like most artists I had a compulsion to draw and I drew what I knew best, the animals in my life. I also had a knack for coloring my drawings. As a fifth grader, I was granted special admittance to a summer program for gifted High school students. I remember the class, standing behind me as I sketched a figure, surprised that someone so young could draw so well. I mention this not to boast but to say that sometimes when things come easy they aren’t valued. I studied fine art and art history at Miami University & the University of Cincinnati from 1965 to 1970. After a try at commercial art, and hating it, I worked the western resorts, in order to have time to to paint. This was the beginning of my landscape period. My western watercolors sold well. Life sometimes has unexpected turns. I took a “real” job and stoped painting.
After twenty years of running a business and raising a family I realized I hadn’t painted or produced art for a long time. All that changed in 2003 when I closed one my businesses and in a rush of creative energy began producing the Art & Photography of my “new” period Animals, Landscapes and Portraits. I discovered I had a nack for people paintings Traditionally I worked in oil, watercolor, and pastel. I still enjoy those media, and the new media Digital Graphics. Digital painting lets me work quickly without using expensive oils so my work is more affordable and can be sold as original Prints in the truest Art meaning of the word. My goal is to make amends for neglecting my God given talent and to produce as much good art as I can.

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