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Barbara Camph

I started learning the craft of stained glass in the early 1980’s in California, and only as a hobby. In 1995 we moved to Portugal for an adventure, but were too young not to work. We started our mini-businesses: my husband made furniture and I stained glass. So many people helped us, and we survived, learning so, so much along the way.
After 12 wonderful years in Portugal, we moved to Panama where we continued our trades. We stayed there for six years and then moved to the Shenandoah Valley, where we have family. All this adventure involved moving our furniture, art work, and clothes all over the world; I can’t face packing up all that glass again…sheet by sheet!
This well-travelled glass inspires me. I like to say that “glass talks to me”. There is nothing better than sitting at my work table, with the beautiful glass around me…all of it waiting to be cut and fashioned into something new. How fortunate am I?

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