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Barbara Paul

I made Harrisonburg my home upon graduating from JMU with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 1985. I love the Shenandoah Valley and spent a career as a kindergarten teacher in Page County. While teaching young children was a rewarding 

endeavor, I enjoyed spending my spare time learning new crafts. I worked in the media of basketry, pottery, and stained glass. I love 

that process of taking raw materials and creating something both beautiful and useful. At age 50, I became serious about pursuing my passion for handcrafted jewelry. The colors of the beads, their natural beauty, and the idea that they came from the earth spoke to me, and I continue to experiment, learn, and grow in my 

craft. I use a variety of techniques when creating my jewelry – forging, piercing and sawing, soldering and wire wrapping. I like blending techniques and materials to create my pieces. I begin with a vision about how I want a piece to look. But then, it often morphs and changes on the bench, developing its own style and artistry. When purchasing handmade jewelry, you carry the energy of the artist who made it. Even pieces that may look similar were made individually and carry their own distinctive maker’s marks. 

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