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Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson is an award-winning, internationally known illustrator and sculptor of ventriloquist figures and automata. An absolute master of diverse innovations, Bill has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, he's illustrated series of stamps for the US postal service, and he has had his work collected by renown celebrities. 

As a professional illustrator, Bill alluded to a third dimension. As a sculptor, he creates "art dolls" with polymer clay faces filled with character and expression. He does this with one simple tool: an orange stick. The results are "pushed portraits" with something to say. Each figure, exuding endless charm and wit, is a distinct individual with personalities that seem to reach into reality.

A teacher and writer as well as an artist, Bill has led workshops all over the US and has taught illustration in universities. His work has appeared in and on numerous magazines and advertisements, including ten Newsweek covers. 


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