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Hand Made for the Holidays: OASIS ACTIVITIES, 2023



Name of Event:  Boho Bracelet

Led by Susan Elliot at OASIS

Date: December 10, 12-3

Description:  Participants will create a boho chic bracelet using alcohol inks and acrylic paint.  Bracelets will be sealed, using Krylon spray..

Cost: $12.50


Name of Activity: Stained Glass Angels

Leader: Barbara Camph at OASIS

Description of Activity: Design and make your own stained glass crazy angel! We’ll have precut body shapes in all colors. You’ll apply the copper tape, Barbara will solder her together, you will clean and patina (if desired).

Date of Activity: December 10 (12-3)

Cost of Activity: $7


Name of Activity: Original Etched Artwork

Leader: Bahir alBadry at OASIS

Description of Activity: Work with Bahir to create an original etched piece of artwork. Bahir will provide the aluminum plate, on which you will draw your design. The next step is etching with specialty tools, under Bahir’s direction. If you like, you can also apply acrylic paint. All supplies and tools will be provided.

Date of Activity: December 10 (12-3)

Cost of Activity: $20

Check out all the great events that Harrisonburg has to offer this holiday season!

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