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Delaney Westwood 

Delaney Westwood’s home has always been the mountains around the Shenandoah Valley. She went to Spotswood High School and James Madison University, where she majored in elementary education and interdisciplinary liberal studies. Although not studying art but full of creative energy, she dabbled even as a child. Eventually she found the right medium for her: fluid acrylic art. Where? YouTube!

Delaney’s artistic development excites and fascinates her while it brings her peace. She describes it as a spiritual discovery of herself and her world. She seeks to capture the flow of the universe, hence her forays into quantum physics and astronomy. Yet her artistic tools are firmly grounded: palette knives, funnels, cups, spinners, hairdryers, cookie cutters, colanders, and the occasional butane torch. Inspired by life itself, her art reaches for color, light, and nature. She points out that each artist must go their own way.

Despite a full-time job in real estate, Delaney paints about 20 hours a week, often getting up at 5 AM to get it in. With evolving techniques and style, and painting seriously only since 2020, this young artist is out to capture great depth and light. “It brings me to my heart.”




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