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Erin Harrigan

I am a Shenandoah Valley based photographer with a love for sun, sand and all things outdoors. Having lived most of my life in Baltimore, Maryland, the “outdoors”, for me, has always meant the Chesapeake Bay and urban cityscapes. After moving to the valley, I became captivated by the landscapes, wildlife and all of the stars!

Photography began as a way for me to simply document the beauty that I was finding as I explored my new home. It has quickly become my outlet, my passion and my means for artistic expression.

I enjoy creative exploration and challenging traditional perspectives. You may notice that some of my work has unique points of focus and what some may call “effects”. All of this is done directly in camera through the use of creative techniques and specialty lenses which include long exposures, light painting, tilt shift lenses and sometimes even free-lensing. I am always happy to share my work, my techniques and processes with those who enjoy it.

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