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Susan Elliot 

Susan Elliot began her artistic journey at Florida State University in art and art education. She taught at the middle school level, and went on to earn advanced degrees in administration and curriculum development. When she eventually left the classroom, she provided workshops for teachers, worked in high school administration, and really focused on encouraging creative development. Going above and beyond again, she earned a doctorate in education and policy studies, and taught at the university level. 

All throughout her career and accomplishments in education, Susan kept her eye on the arts. She returned to her artistic roots and explored Shibori dyeing and alcohol ink painting. Moving to the Shenandoah Valley in 2020, she continued to delve into color and color theory. "Suz Hues Design" keeps her creating exciting new pieces, exploring and using color to show depth, variety, and personality in her fiber work. In her painting practice, Susan produces highly pigmented alcohol ink pieces in which color and light play vital roles.

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