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Joanna Gray

I live along the banks of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River in the northern part of Rockingham County. Every day I am enlivened and inspired by the quiet rhythms of Nature as she shifts from season to season. With a background in fine art, I’ve had a lifelong passion for textile art of all kinds.
I use the plants I find growing in the nearby countryside for the dyes I use in my work. I rely on the generosity of Nature to provide me with color. Osage orange, walnuts, raspberry leaves and goldenrod are some of the plants that provide the dyes. I extract the color from the plants in a process called eco-print, printing the color from the plants directly on the fabric. I also incorporate rusted iron and copper wire prints in the eco-prints. I use only natural fibers, silks, cottons and re-purposed linens.

Instagram: @joannadances

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