Featured Show

Faces of Felt

Recent works by Edda Duff 

I have been a member of OASIS Gallery for 5 years -  I love the opportunity to show my work! 
Felting is a craft with an ancient history, and it can be fashioned in many different ways. With this show I have explored several  techniques covering a spectrum from basic, simple methods, to the more complex. In addition to various wool rovings, I have incorporated plant based dyes, silk, paper and other embellishments.

September 7th-October 1st, Water Street Window Gallery: 

The title of the September window display is “Blinded by the Light”, featuring recent works by Mike Reisenberg.  A few words from the artist about this special collection:

“The title is a reference to my heart event and open heart surgery and coming out of anesthesia. Having the surgery and lengthy recovery has forced me to take a look at how I use my time. I tended to think I had an endless amount of years to play with. Of course, none of us do, and I’ve had to reassess how I allocate my workday. So I set about doing the paintings that are fun for me instead of painting what I think others will like. I hope the viewer likes the subject and style I use and I hope I’m making better use of what talent God has given me. For now, I’m having fun”. -Mike