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Anna Stegmeier

Anna Stegmeier is from Loudoun County, Virginia.  She is a James Madison University student majoring in studio arts with a goal of licensure as an art educator.  She says JMU brings "amazing opportunities," one of which connected her with OASIS as an intern.  OASIS is grateful, too!

Anna was inspired by her high school art teacher who taught her both to love art and to share it with others.  She hopes to teach at the high school level, helping others learn to use art as a platform of expression.  In her own art, Anna is open to trying any and all manner of media, but her favorite is watercolor.

Feeling closely connected to nature, specifically animals, Anna often brings elements of the natural world and the outdoors into her artwork.  That lets her celebrate the significance that nature plays in her life.  When not actively creating in the studio, Anna may be found running or horseback riding.  Those activities, she says, give her time to think and those "artistic thoughts spark!"

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