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Pia Winters

Pia Winters grew up on Long Island, New York. After living in many beautiful places, her home has been the Shenandoah Valley since 2004. .Considering herself a colorist, about seven years ago Pia began working with Pebeo paints and then epoxy resins. Incorporating varied paints, phosphorescent pigments, micas, alcohol inks, and even spray paint into the resin itself, allows a layering technique that achieves the depth Pia seeks. Her phosphorescent pigments glow with UV light and can look completely different at night. The diverse viscosities and weights of paints react differently within the resin, so Pia’s process changes constantly and her art evokes the fluidity and perpetual movement of the sea. She thinks about the piece before she begins and then it just happens. Her unfolding process is exciting, experiential, expressive. Pia welcomes commissioned work; share the experience and the elating results!

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