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LOVE Virginia: An Adventurous Quest!

What started out as a weekend adventure turned into a consuming hobby for Latesha and Jai Boone  . They have visited every county in Virginia searching out LOVEworks!


Saturday the Boones  stopped by OASIS to take a picture of our new LOVEwork mosaic. With a visit to OASIS, the mother/daughter pair have visited every site listed on the Virginia tourism website  (290+)…and were  going to scope out a few more!! The next stop was the new LOVEwork in Seven Bends State Park .

The Boones encourage people to seek out these special places. “We’ve met such wonderful people everywhere we go. “ You can follow the Boones on Instagram @ theboonesloveva.

VA Love Tourists 🥰

2017-2019 Touring Virginia visiting & sharing LOVE. Over 290 LO❤Eworks visited! #LoveVA #VirginiaisforLovers

Teresa, a cousin, was having fun tagging along and getting into the spirit - she agreed to pose with the Boones on OASIS’ mosaic stairs to commemorate the goal of seeing ALL the LOVEworks on the list (for now)!!.

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