Masks, masks and more masks!

We had a stash of Halyard 600, which had been given to OASIS by Ian Henry (Eve Watters' husband), who had collected it from UVA as part of their recycling program. Early in the stay-at-home time, UVA published a mask pattern, using this stuff (also called "blue"). Janet Kuller and her friends starting sewing masks using the blue, then Bobby Fairweather starting cutting the blue into the mask-sized pieces, and several other OASIS members dusted off their sewing machines and went to work. We supplied masks to The Free Clinic, Harrisonburg Police Department, 250 masks went to UVA, and we kept sewing. Last week, the Mayor of Harrisonburg put out a call for masks; she wants to make 1000 packs consisting of masks, sanitizer and information about COVID-19. Last week we gave her 200, and expect to give her another 100-150 this week. This is such a great community!

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