Rebecca Grow: our newest member!

You HAVE to come in to see Rebecca's beautiful work: 3D watercolor on archival paper, mounted on a reclaimed wooden box. Unique to say the least! Recently, one of her pieces in the “Floral Fantasy” show at Uptown Gallery won 3rd place. That piece "The Rose" is pictured below:

"The Rose" by Rebecca Grow

Rebecca's training and career was in the Theater Arts as an actress and director, working in both capacities on Broadway and Off Broadway. She has a BA from Purdue University and Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.

After retirement she took a watercolor class and fell deeply in love with the medium. It’s unpredictable nature and luminous qualities captured my imagination. Rebecca is inspired by the shapes, colors, light and shadows of Nature.

Do come visit with us and see Rebecca's no other!


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