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Trip Down Memory Lane

Three special visitors came to the gallery on Wednesday, June 12 to relive their memories of Hostetlers Drug Store. Their dad, Jack Bradford, was part owner with Doc Simmons, the pharmacist, and Mr. Hostetler, who lived in Florida. All the sisters had special memories of the store, and could tell you where everything was located. Of course, the first comment was "where the candy counter?" When asked if they had free reign of the candy counter, they all had fond memories of coming to the store after church,  and picking out anything they wanted! The drugstore was the only place in town that sold Russell Stover candy.

Also mentioned was a neat old phone booth that was in the niche by the Water Street window and the coke machine with 5 cent cokes!. “The Bradford Sisters” loved their visit to OASIS!

Left to right

Vicky B Teigland, Susan Bradford, Pamela B Lemmon

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