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Roger Chandler

I have been wood working for over 25 years, and enjoy both turning and traditional woodworking like building furniture and cabinetry. I have built tables, bookcases, kitchen and bath cabinetry, blanket chests, gun cabinets and numerous other furniture projects. I mostly do turned forms on the wood lathe at present, but occasionally what we wood turners call a flatwork project still gets my attention.
I have always believed we humans are connected to the greater environment, and as such we utilize the things nature provides us as raw materials to advance our own existence by building and making things that enrich our lives. In this age where so much is disposable, and most items are mass produced, I think the inherent value of pieces that are made in the tradition of timeless craftsmanship and enduring natural beauty, help us keep in touch with our ancestral roots. The items I produce from wood are mostly one of a kind, hand made, labor intensive pieces of functional art…things that display this timeless tradition of the artisan maker.
I am a Juried Virginia Artisan through the Artisans Center of Virginia, also a member of the national woodturners guild the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and two affiliate chapters here in Virginia.

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