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Meet Natalie Darling!

This will be a somewhat longer post because we have a lot to learn about Natalie, an OASIS jeweler whose main products are made from repurposed silverware.

But did you know that Natalie is a retired firefighter? She was working as a nurse in a doctor’s office when she took an EMT course, which led to her submitting an application to be a firefighter. She wasn’t daunted by the year-long process, and eventually became an EMT and firefighter, taking additional classes to be a driver, a pump operator and a paramedic. She worked in those capacities for 15 years.

What did she love the most: the hours with 24 on, 48 off. During the “off” hours, she taught herself how to make jewelry. A friend asked her to make a spoon ring; in fact, when she started at OASIS, Natalie’s inventory was mostly spoon rings and bracelets. You should see her display cases these days! Wow!

Natalie keeps on pushing herself by asking, “What else can I do?”. She likes the piercing and sawing, soldering not so much. You wouldn’t know that, by looking at her beautiful jewelry, which uses repurposed silver, “fordite”, and now enameling.

She and husband Warren have been rock hounds for over 20 years, and their first field trip was to Harrisonburg (they live in Lynchburg). Some of Natalie’s pieces use their “found” rocks. Expect more “found” rocks since Warren just got a faceting machine!

Natalie is also a mother of three, and a grandmother of two little girls. She and Warren have five dogs and seven cats! She does about four shows a year, and uses the spring and summer as her buying/restocking time.

Come to OASIS to see Natalie’s work and meet her! There is so much more to know about her!

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